Bangkok - Unleash the Potential Within You! Homepreneurs Workshop for Women!, The 9th Tower A, Floor 17th, Units TNA 04-07, ศุกร์, 27. กันยายน 2019

Are you a Stay-at-Home Mum / Full-time working mum / Part-time Working Mum or A Mum whom had left the workforce for sometime and is currently looking for opportunities to start working part-time & with a desire to change your current life situation. Come and unleash the potential within you!
Learn how a community of women with successful home-based online business manage to do it with ZERO IT skill. With the help of like-minded women leveraging on a proven online business platform and mentorship, each of these woman was able to succeed in their journey of making a significant financial difference and be able to spend more time with their family.
Food for thought:
1) Do you worry constantly if your “bread and butter” would run dry one day?
2) Have you always yearned for financial freedom and passive income?
3) Do you believe that you could make an income even while you are sleeping?
4) Would it be nice to be able to have the lifestyle you always dream of?
5) Have you ever lost a golden opportunity to react where you want to be?
What will be shared:
1. The CHEAPEST way to start your home-based business online even without IT skills or prior knowledge
2. What sort of business should you start ONLINE and how to leverage on SOCIAL MEDIA
3. How to start your own online business without having to stock up or even to ship and deliver products yourself
4. What are the LATEST ONLINE TRENDS that are proven to make passive income?
5. How to build a 5 figure revenue online business without high overheads like staff and office rental
6. and much more...
“Wealth is a number of days forward that you can survive without working. Wealth is measured in time, not dollars.” Robert Kiyosaki
This workshop is for you!
There’s a limit to how much you can save - but there’s no limit to how much you can earn.
Learn how to turn your TIME into MONEY with this workshop designed to help working women and mummies pursue their passions and achieve financial freedom.
We are a group of like-minded mummy entrepreneurs that have successfully started our own e-commerce businesses that generate income for our families.
Our VISION is to Reach Out, Inspire and Empower Women/Mums around the world.
Our team is passionate and eager to empower you by passing on our Knowledge, Guidance, Support and Mentorship to you, so that you can create your own ideal, successful and rewarding e-commerce business.
If you are someone that shares the same ideals as us or are interested in finding out more, join us for the Homepreneur Workshop!
Limited seats available. Register NOW to secure your chance to earn a sustainable life-long income.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bangkok - Unleash the Potential Within You! Homepreneurs Workshop for Women!

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