Captain Khalid's: "I Think I am Single: Live Filming (Cambodia), ประเทศไทย, ศุกร์, 05. เมษายน 2030

"Have you ever really really wanted to break up with someone, but you cant coz you know you'll be homeless - so you hang in there" - I think i am single

After a series of successful shows like "Renew My Visa" and The world Tour with "The FunnyFellas" Captain Khalid is now Touring and filming his new special called "I think i am single "

What is said about him:
Effortlessly funny ;- TimeOut Magazine (Kuala Lumpur)
So relatable and yet so interesting, Simply hilarious - darkpebble magazine

He makes you feel like his bestfriend, his stories are so relatable and so funny, i peed my self a little - Elena, Hamburg

Chicky and funny, loved every minute of the show, definitely worth it - Milena,Prague

I thought it would be a show of him ranting and ranting but turns out to be super hilarious and super relatable - Gabby,Helsinki

Dont miss our Phnom Penh FilMing, its gonna be fun

Doors Open : 1930
Show Starts: 2015
Entrance : 5$ online presales
10$ at the door

Captain Khalid's: "I Think I am Single: Live Filming (Cambodia)

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HSMAI 1 Year Membership Subscription - Thai Baht

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