Close Deals Faster [PAID WORKSHOP], ประเทศไทย, พุธ, 21. สิงหาคม 2019

Closing is widely recognized as the most challenging stage in the sales process. In this highly interactive one-day workshop you will transform your sales team into excellent closers. Learn how to build a “buyer hunger” and create more urgency to secure the sale, positioning your offer as the best option available.
Though case studies and role-plays, this highly effective workshop gives participants extensive practice closing business deals, changing the mind-set for even the most seasoned sales professional.

What You Will Learn

Learn to sell at a premium price
Build value into the sale
Uncover ways to build long term valuable selling relationship
Overcome last minute buyer objections
Uncover methods to create long term, lasting commitment.
Gain an understanding of negotiation buyer signals and body language.

What You Will Get

Completion Certificate
Snacks & Drinks

Contact Information
Phone: (021) 230 2123

Close Deals Faster [PAID WORKSHOP]

عندكْ عُــقدة مَـعَ

عندكْ عُــقدة مَـعَ

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