Hate Speech in Asia: Challenges and Solutions, ประเทศไทย, พุธ, 08. กรกฎาคม 2020

Across Asia hate speech based on fake news has led to an increase of violent incidents as disinformation divides communities during periods of political and communal tensions. With rising internet penetration and use of mobile devices, abusive and threatening remarks both in speech and writing are going viral over social media. Often such content expresses intense prejudice against individuals or particular groups, on the basis of disability, ethnicity, gender, nationality, political ideology, race, religion or sexual orientation which can rise up to a frenzy leading to violent outcomes. Governments have enacted laws to preserve public order as well as to protect human dignity. They have also sponsored and assembled inter-faith dialogues and embarked on social cohesion efforts. Other stakeholders such the UN, international organisations, civil society and faith-based groups are also doing their part to combat hate speech. In the search for solutions to these challenges, there is also a need for an evidence-based discussion to critically examine the phenomenon of hate speech and its impact on democracy, the rule of law and human rights. This conference seeks to address the issue of hate speech from an evidence-based and a solution grounded approach while upholding freedom of expression.


The key issues that will be examined are as follows:

Blasphemy, hate speech, “harmony” (national, social, religious) laws and bills

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD)

Human rights mechanisms (UN [UPR/Special Procedures], AICHR, NHRIs)

Non-legal interfaith dialogues and social cohesion or social harmony initiatives

Perspectives from religion, race, ethnicity and nationalities

Political and nationality-based discrimination and hate

Social protection of gender and LGBTIQ stakeholders

Role of media, social media and technology

Impact on democracy, freedom of expression, human rights and the rule of law

Any other relevant or related themes


The conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

Convene interested individuals and organisations researching hate speech;

Exchange information and trends around legislation to prevent hate speech;

Examine non-legal measures to promote social cohesion and harmony;

Evaluate hate speech’s impact on democracy, freedom of expression, human rights and the rule of law

Conference Structure

The conference will consist of short remarks, keynote speeches and plenary and breakout sessions made of thematic panels and country-specific discussions.

Conference Participants

Registration is open to all presenters and participants from academic institutions, businesses, national and regional civil society organisations, international NGOs, political parties and intergovernmental organisations to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking. Due to the stability of internet connection available, Asia Centre is not able to accommodate online presentations and participation.

Conference Publications

Following the international conference, Asia Centre will undertake following publishing efforts:

Conference Proceedings

Publish a set of peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings.

Book Project

Asia Centre will invite selected authors and presenters (10-12) to participate in book proposal to Palgrave Macmillan (International Edition) and Gerakbudaya (Regional Edition).

Special Issue Journal

Asia Centre will also assemble a small number of papers (5-6) for submission as a special issue to a journal drawn from its pool of partners’ publication.

Conference Fee

This is a self-funded conference, hence a flat fee of USD$300 that will be charged to all keynote, paper and poster presenters, participants and drop-in visitors. This will go towards covering the cost of the venue, equipment and logistics, coffee breaks on all days, certificates for participants, conference communications and staff.

Submission Guidelines

Paper Presentations and Speeches

Researchers and practitioners wishing to present papers or share their experiences are invited to submit a title, an abstract in English of 300-350 words along with a biographical paragraph of 100 words to research@. For those submitting papers, full papers should be 5000 words.

Poster presentations

Limited space is available for 4 to 5 poster presentations. Your presentation may be submitted in word / pdf format to the Asia Centre for consideration. A 60×80 cm poster will be printed and displayed during the conference. Full conference fees apply

Key Dates

Accepting abstracts now (deadline 15 Dec 2019)

Payment due following acceptance of paper

Full papers (deadline 15 March 2020)

Conference Partnership

Asia Centre welcome organisations and individuals to be conference partners by organising a panel, sponsoring a keynote speaker the opportunity to network and forge linkages with academia, businesses and civil society in the region and promote their organisations and activities.

Partner Benefits

Logo on all publicity materials online and at conference venue

Social media and mailing list promotion through Asia Centre’s networks

Display and also distribute promotional materials from partner organisation to participants

Develop expertise on the issues covered by the conference themes

Partner Requirements

Purchase minimum 4 tickets (USD 300 x 4 = USD1,200)

Market the conference within their networks

Partners can also buy additional conference tickets

Additional Options

Sponsor participants by buying conference tickets

Sponsor a keynote speaker by providing a financial grant to the conference.

Provide corporate sponsorship (in-kind and/or financial grants) and be featured on promotional materials

Hate Speech in Asia: Challenges and Solutions

HSMAI 1 Year Membership Subscription - Thai Baht

HSMAI 1 Year Membership Subscription - Thai Baht

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