Open Tech Summit Thailand, The Knowledge Exchange: KX, อังคาร, 01. ตุลาคม 2019

Open Tech Summit is a series of technology events focusing on open source solutions taking places in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Shenzhen, Hyderabad and Berlin. It brings together developers and user communities to share the latest technologies around AI, Database, Cloud, Open Hardware and more; to exchange ideas and to foster collaboration in the open world. 
OpenTechSummit Thailand is organized by FOSSASIA, NIA and UNESCO Asia Pacific with the support of Thai Programmer Association.

Program Highlights

Open Source AI - with  can create a chat bot within minutes, further more you make a smart speakers that can play music from online resources such as radio stations, YouTube as well as from locally connected USB sticks or music available in the local network.

Database track with featured talks from experts of MySQL Oracle covering MySQL 8.0, trouble shooting and performance analytics. 

STEM, Robotics, Pocket Science Lab and Open Hardware - from introduction to hands-on experiments with real devices. Learn to make your own a robot with open source laser cutter and pocket science lab.

Hands-on workshop: Learn Python creating your own video games, Learn Git basic and how to create beautiful websites with GitHub pages. 

Exhibition and project showcases: prototyping with open source laser cutter, showcase of open source communities and projects, job fair. Lunch and espresso coffee will be served in the exhibition area. 

>> Click here to view speaker list 
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