Typed (developer):: :ok (release 0.0.3), Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, พฤหัสบดี, 17. ตุลาคม 2019

A code for coders event, talking code snippets and Fintech.
Typed (Release 0.0.2) is the second, in a series of monthly events to discussing technology, coding and more, focussed around Fintech and development. 
Sponsored by DeeMoney, a leading Fintech in Thailand who's looking to change the financial landscape for Thailand and beyond.
Co-sponsored by Sift, a leading transactional fraud monitoring service.
Each month we will have at least 2 talks by industry heavyweights and groundbreakers, either in person or via video feed from across the globe. 

This month at Typed, 
Songphon Klabwong will be talking about | More Types, Better Reason(ML)
Song, is the CTO at Divertise Asia, a boutique development shop in Bangkok with a specialisation in AI, Machine Learning and app development. He states "I am curious about everything, including the things I am not curious about"
Lise Carpenter will be talking about | My journey to ReactJS
BIO coming soon.

DO YOU WANT TO PRESENT?Contact us here at admin@WeTyped.dev with some details about yourself and your stack and let's get you on!

Typed (developer):: :ok (release 0.0.3)

Academic Research Conference on Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality (gvc)

Academic Research Conference on Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality (gvc)

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